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Hello, my name is Rolly Howell and thank you for visiting my blog.  Being a successful entrepreneur has been my passion for well over 30 years. Speaking of which, if after your reading of my blog, brings back terrible memories of your past, keep in mind it’s all in your past. If in your past, you felt as if you were being buried, I encourage you to consider looking back in a more positive perspective. Consider that you were possibly being planted to grow into greater things. I hope that you will make a quality decision to move forward with your life by realizing that you can beat the odds that may have been stacked against you in your past experiences. *

Rolly and Dawne

I clearly remember my first experience in sales. I was early in my 20s and newly unhappily married when I made a decision to sell life insurance for the same company Dad later retired from. I love sales but, I hated driving to customer’s homes to collect their monthly payment. Quite a few of them would pretend not to be home.

For the life of me, I couldn’t quite figure that one out. I guess they were broke. “Why don’t they just mail their payments to the company?” I asked Dad. He replied, “that’s why the company pays you a weekly salary.” “It was more like a WEAKLY salary. SCAMMING their Customers and the Insurance Agents,” I thought.

I soon learned that most people who purchase life insurance, at least in those days, stopped making their monthly payments within a few months. As soon as I’d make the sale and earn a decent commission the company, it seemed immediately deducted the commission from my next check.

Growing Up

I am the seventh child of eleven children, the youngest of the five sons in our family. Like most families, we experienced good and bad times. The good included going swimming in the Tangipahoa River, and at the City Pool once Dad was able to afford a membership.

I didn’t like going to school very much because I was a Wild Child. I learned early on how to get attention causing trouble in class from grammar school to high school. I became known as The Nerve-Wracking Misfit to School teachers, Administrators, my siblings, and my parents.

Sure, I suppose I could blame my parents for not having high school diplomas and for moving us around a lot before daddy was able to purchase a home. I imagine they had it pretty rough. So, I will not judge them. I honor them for staying married for sixty-nine years and raising us the best way they knew.

Just in case you are pouting about your upbringing, know this. It wasn’t until I was 13 years of age that they purchased their home. It was a five-bedroom with two full baths. After some necessary remodeling, it was a very nice home to spend my teenage years.

I remember Mom receiving many compliments throughout the years concerning how well we dressed and how well we behaved in Church. What the complementary Church ladies didn’t know was mom and dad had to save money from Dad’s job to purchase our clothes each Christmas at Montgomery Ward & Co. and J C Penny in New Orleans. We knew to take good care of them because they had to last a whole year. Mom taught each of us how to iron. So, we all took our turn at the ironing board.

My mom and dad’s parents didn’t make it to high school either. One of my younger siblings and I dropped out of High School. She later obtained her GED. She divorced her husband who in my opinion, didn’t deserve her to pursue her dream. While raising two young daughters, she entered College. Today she has her Master’s Degree in Nursing.

Moving Forward A Few Years

I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade in 1977 to join the US Army. I eventually made it to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where I served in the 82nd Airborne Signal Battalion. I suppose due to my not taking an interest in school, I completed one year and nine months with the Army when I asked for and received a General Discharged under Honorable conditions. I Quit with only one year and three months to complete. And I’ve yet to have my High School Diploma.

I was back home again and working for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Not long after hiring on with the State, I met a young girl and married her. The marriage that shouldn’t have happened lasted approximately three years. Together we have two sons. Today the elder son, Warren, is 38 years of age and the younger, Rick, is 37.

In 1981, I was single and dating again. I had gone through many jobs such as working offshore on oil rigs, delivering lumber for a local hardware store, and I eventually went back to work for the Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety and Correction at a different location.

It wasn’t until 1986 that I made up my mind to enroll in night school in pursuit of my GED. I successfully completed the required courses and passed the final exam. Man, I was excited! No stopping me now, “I thought.” Mom and Dad were even excited for me and discussed between themselves going back to school to get their diplomas. Sadly, they never did. I suppose they reached a point in life that they may have thought, “what’s the use for a diploma now?”

Shortly after that, in 1987, I enrolled in Cosmetology School to learn how to cut hair, while at the same time holding down a full-time job at a local Walmart. I ran the Electronics Department. Man, we had a lot of shoplifting taking place. Believe me, one of the toughest challenges I ever faced was keeping the newly released cassette tapes from being stolen.

With no vehicle to drive and shot out credit, I was living on prayers of my parents, I’m sure. While attending school full-time, working full-time, paying $375 per month for a one-room rental as well as paying people for a ride to school and to work, I had very little money left to purchase food. I lost so much weight!

Nine months later, I graduated from Cosmetology School. I past the State Board Exams and accepted a hairstylist position at an upscale hair salon near Walmart, of which I was still employed. Now with two jobs, I was able to buy my own food instead of my parents buying me groceries. I also managed to save up $600 to purchase an ugly old yellow clunker, 1979 Buick Opel Hatchback with outrageous mileage and no AC. Not long after, I set out for Georgia with all the windows rolled down on my yellow bomb to find my Georgia Peach, so to speak.

On or about April 8, 1988, I arrived at my sister’s home in Marietta, Georgia. Naturally, I was welcome but, wanting to find my own way of self-support, I set out to find a job or two. Within a few days, I landed a Hair Stylist position at Great Clips Hair Salon in Sandy Plains, Georgia. I started their Company training within a few days.

The training was at a different location of the Salon I was hired to work. One evening after class, I stopped in for a visit at the Salon, where I was soon to begin working. My wife, Dawne, told me a little while later that she noticed me walk in but as she puts it, “I didn’t really pay that much attention.” Anyway, I had a brief conversation with Cindy the Manager, about my training and then drove to my sister’s home for the evening.

I soon completed my training and started my first day as a Hair Stylist. I recall early in the day, Cindy, the manager, walked over to my work station and said, ‘the new girl, Dawne will start training now that you’re here. I looked over at Dawne through my hair station mirror. We made eye contact and exchanged smiles.

Suddenly lowering her voice, Cindy whispered, “she asked if you were married? I told her you weren’t.” I simply laughed it off. However, at the same time, I thought, “she must have an interest in me to have asked such a question.” A week or so of us working together had past when I got enough courage to ask her out. She accepted, and we decided to go to TGIF for a bite to eat after closing the salon for the day.

It was a Friday night. I left my Old Clunker parked as she insisted I ride with her. To this very day, she prefers to be the driver. I’m fine with that. After we finished our meal, she dropped me off at my yellow bomb, and we parted ways for the evening.

I hated that yellow bomb. I had to rig the driver’s seat with a small board to keep it from falling backward. Many times while driving, the board forgot it’s purpose as I often fell backwards in the middle of heavy traffic. I still remember some of the crazy looks I got from other drivers around me. Many times I had to pull to the shoulder of the road to scold my little board, so to speak.

I’d finally had enough. Between living with my sister and her husband and driving OLD Yeller, something had to change. I talked to our Salon Manager about taking a part-time job as a waiter. To my surprise, her husband was the Manager of Cherokee Cattle Company, a Steak House Restaurant on Canton Highway in Marietta. She set me up with an interview, of which I was offered a dishwasher position. I accepted the job gladly. The pay was decent, in my opinion, $8.50/hr.

With the two jobs, I was working between 70 and 80 hours per week. Plus the tips at the salon were awesome for each haircut and service I gave. A lot of customers began requesting me to cut there hair which kept me quite busy. I was pretty proficient in many haircut designs of the ’80s, and I have done quite a few perms, which were a big seller back then. With the two jobs, I was earning approximately $26.50/hr. It wasn’t long after receiving a few paychecks from each post that I was able to rent my own place.

The Saturday before Memorial day of 1988 had arrived. I was finishing up with my final hair client for the day. Erin, a friend of Dawne’s, invited Dawne and me to spend Memorial Day weekend with her and her husband Carl at their home located on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, Georgia. The plan was for me to meet Dawne at her Apartment after I drove to mine to pack a bag for the weekend. Needless to say, The OLD BOMB, my car decided she’d had enough of me and threw her timing chain.

I was sweating profusely while pushing the car, I managed to get it to the shoulder of the road and safely out of harm’s way. I recall a gentleman pulling over to offer me a ride. Although I had never cut his hair, to my benefit, he recognized me from the salon.  Of course, I gladly accepted the ride home.

Right after arriving at my place, I called Dawne about my unfortunate situation. She said she’d come to get me. While waiting for her, I called a Towing Company who picked up the car in exchange for the Title. At the time, that sounded like a great bargain to me. That’s another story of which I will not burden you to endure.

During our drive to Carl and Erin’s, Dawne completely out of the blue, asked me, “when are you going to tell me about your two sons.” I recall immediately getting goosebumps. Of course, I had a plan to tell her but not quite yet. At that time, she didn’t know I’d been married before either. To this very day, she says that she just knew.

Anyway, I told her all about my two sons and that my ex-wife was illegally denying me of my visitation rights. I’d gotten a bit behind on child support payments during job layoffs, so she insisted upon me giving her legal custody and control of the boys.

Our attorneys agreed that if she’d give me visitation rights, I’d give her custody and control. She accepted the agreement and only allowed me to visit my sons one last time. She and her mother knew that I had no money to pay another attorney and put up a decent fight. In my humble opinion, I had been SCAMMED… She soon married her second husband, who later divorced her after she used him to adopt my sons and legally change their last name to his.

Back to our Memorial Day weekend. We had an excellent time with Erin and Carl. We slept in the same bed for two nights in a roll, of which I’m proud to say I kept my paws to myself. I respected Dawne a great deal by then, and I just knew she was a good woman. A beautiful woman that had never been married and now knew about my past failed marriage as well as my two sons.

Looking back, I believe in my heart, God Himself whispered into Dawne’s spirit about my two sons. Not to scare her away, (she don’t scare easily) but, for her to have compassion and understanding that I simply married a woman the He never intended me to marry.

As far as I’m concerned, the only good that came from that marriage were two little boys (raised by my ex-wife’s dad) who later divorced her mom for being an ungodly hateful bitch!

Think as you wish. I knew her well. I personally witnessed her EVIL WAYS!! The last thing I needed at that time in my life was a VERY INSECURE wife scared to death of her hateful mother. Her mother hated me. She hated Blain Lachney, (my ex-wife’s 2nd husband) and even her own husband that she refused to allow to sleep with her. My ex-father-in-law slept on the living room floor until the day he left the woman that secretly HATED HERSELF!

In fact, he had been sleeping on the floor for approximately 14 long years prior to me meeting her family. The RED FLAGS were FLYING ALL AROUND ME. Yet, I SCAMMED myself into marrying her. I felt sorry for her. She, my ex-wife, tried HER BEST to turn Dawne against me to no avail. Sad but TRUE, she is a very lonely widow woman today.

I thank God that my sons, Warren and Rick and our twins, John and Heather, have a LOVING relationship.

Want to hear something strange? Dina, Rick’s wife’s maiden name is Howell. No relation but, interesting, to say the least.

Dawne, my LOVELY wife for over 30 years and counting is a STRONG and COMPASSIONATE woman that God knew I needed in my life. To this very day, I cannot keep my mind, my eyes, nor my paws off of her.

Moving forward, I eventually met Dawne’s parents, her brother and his girlfriend. We dated for a few more weeks and finally decided to live together. I soon moved out of my apartment into hers. Exactly one year after our first date to TGIF, we became husband and wife. She and I will celebrate 31 years of marriage on April 22, 2020.

Dawne, our twins and I moved to Louisiana on February 4, 1992. The twins second birthday arrived the following month on March 17, 1992. My brother, Doug, offered to let us stay in his home until I found work and a place to settle us down.

I worked in Oil Refineries for a few years. I cut hair for a few more years, and I sold expensive Rainbow vacuums. Then I allowed someone to talk me into selling National Motor Club Service. Finally, I tried selling Primerica Life Insurance.

In 1995 we were introduced to a company marketing 1/10 ounce 24k Gold US American Eagle coins. The owner’s dream was to pay off the National debt. That was a HUGE DREAM! I should have realized it was a HUGE SCAM! Little did Dawne and I know they would go out of business four months after we joined the program. To make a long story short, we sponsored approximately 35-40 families and profited a high double-digit income.

The company closing its doors was very upsetting. Nevertheless, the checks and the gold coins we earned in the four months LIT MY FIRE, so to speak! We dabbled in a few other things afterwards, but we just could not seem to excite others enough to motivate them to join us.

Some of our friends and even strangers that we sponsored treated us pretty crappy. Basically, they could not overcome their fear of sharing the opportunity and blamed us for their failure. Some of them said they felt as if I scammed them out of their money.

In 2001, I started my own home construction company hoping to be rid of a JOB! Little did I know I had a couple of fellows who enjoyed smoking pot while on the job. One of which was my lead carpenter, my nephew. Long story short, I sold all of my equipment and went back to cutting hair.

Just before 9/11/2001, I enrolled in the Louisiana Army National Guard while I worked full-time in Oil Refineries. After the attack on the twin towers, I was put on active duty status to assist other Soldiers throughout the State to secure and protect High Profile Facilities, such as Oil Refineries.

The year was 2003 and we had just purchased a 10 Acre Property. We decided to buy a beautiful modular home rather than build. Needless to say, as expected, I received orders to deploy to Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2003. While attending training at Fort Polk located in Leesville, Louisiana, Dawne and the children were moving into our new home.

To make a long story short, I served for a year with the 205 Engineer Battalion under the Command of the 5th Mountain Division. Of which I served Honorably and received Decorations. Thankfully, the US Army flew me home to spend Christmas with Dawne and the Kids. Man, that was FUN!!

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina Blasted New Orleans. Yes, I was activated to Active duty status again to assist in the evacuation and to protect businesses and private properties. When the chaos finally ended, I was back to cutting hair and serving with the Guard until receiving an Honorable Discharge in 2007. Once back home, I continued to work in Oil Refineries up until 2011.  I became an Over The Road Truck Driver for a National Trucking Company hauling Chemicals throughout the USA and Canada.

In 2015 I was sick and tired of spending too much time away from my family and definitely tired of driving cross country and into Canada, I found a local driving job hauling wood chips to local paper mills.

By September of 2015, while resting in bed with Dawne after a HARD work week, I had a heart attack, and due to not being with my employer long enough, I had no insurance. I was a man in the hands of a doctor who had to perform my surgery knowing I would not be able to pay him, much less the hospital. The doctor placed three stents in my WIDOWMAKER VEIN as he unwittingly told my wife and sent me home within 3 days.

Not being able to drive commercially any longer, I went back to work for the Louisiana Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections in December of 2015,  where I am currently employed. I guess I’m supposed to be a Corrections Sergeant. Only God knows.

On February 14, 2016 (Valentine’s Day) Mom and Dad celebrated their 69th Wedding Anniversary. On March 10,  2016, Dad past away and Mom past six days later on the 16th of March.

Why The Title No Scam Here

I can recall in times past when my dad would get fighting mad at me for suggesting he take a look at different business opportunities I was involved in. Always in a mean voice, he’d say, “I don’t want to hear about your pyramid scam!” Funny thing is, he was right. Looking back, it seems as if every opportunity we’ve gotten involved with ended up being a scam. I’ve learned that SCAMS and SCAM ARTISTS have long been among us. Seducing our own desires to want OVERNIGHT WEALTH. They have existed long before I was born for sure.

I’m coming out of hiding my failures FULL OF HOPE that my story will encourage other married couples to stay true to each other. To NEVER QUIT pursuing your dreams. Listen to the soft voice in your heart as He whispers into your whole being, “I love you and I gave you your dreams. I’ve known you since you were in your mother’s womb. I placed you perfectly in the home you grew up in. I know what you went through. I listened each time you cried out to me. I cried with you and for you. Now go, pursue your dreams by sharing your story with others. I’m already here waiting for you. Don’t worry yourself uselessly about where they are or who they are. That’s my job. Just know that I’m here, waiting to BLESS you beyond your WILDEST IMAGINATION!”

As earlier mention, Dawne and I have twins. A handsome son, John and a beautiful daughter, Heather. John, Heather, and Rick are married today and each of them gave us sweet grandchildren. Thus, we or PROUD parents of 3 sons, Warren, Rick and John and our daughter, Heather. We are also PROUD of our grandson and our 3 granddaughters! And last but, certainly not least, we are PROUD of our son-in-law, Mason Cass, Heather’s husband and our two daughters-in-law, Dina Howell Lachney, Rick’s wife, and Kortiny Fletcher Howell, John’s wife.

My wife is a VERY STRONG woman whom I dearly love. She, like Christ, has unconditional love for me. Because of Jesus and Dawne, I became motivated to want to change into who I am today. And I seriously believe that I AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET! I don’t claim to be perfect. God does not require that of me. Neither does He require perfection of anyone.

I will be 61 years of age on February 21, 2020. I have a lot more growing to do. Nevertheless, I’ve most certainly grown in good character. My main desire in life now is to reach out to people with a BURNING DESIRE to experience complete financial freedom.

A few years before their passing, my parents had to sell their home to pay medical bills and for medications. Dad’s Retirement, Social Security and Medicare wasn’t covering all their medical needs. We, their children had to place them into a Nursing Home where they died flat broke!

I sincerely hope they are finally happy. In my opinion, they deserve to be.

My Goal For No Scam Here

My goal for this website is to encourage others who may be struggling to earn a decent online income while working a full-time job. It’s tough I know. I want to be an encouragement to like-minded people who have fears of living their golden years flat broke.  People who have enough UNCTION to know and believe that everything they may have experienced growing up or are now experiencing, the good, the bad and the ugly experiences were and are for a reason. I’ve always believed God has HUGE plans for me as an Entrepreneur. Could I be fantasizing? Sure but, that’s better than worrying. It’s better than trusting that a pension, social security, and medicare are sufficient for Dawne and me to live a pleasant life in our golden years.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Please, stand and fight a good fight by taking your eyes off of yourself and help others overcome! Or, continue to wallow in the mire of your not so perfect upbringing while remaining in self-pity and maybe even end up living your last few years in a nursing home…

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best from us to you,

Rolly & Dawne Howell




My Email: rollyhowell221@gmail,com